David Bernard

Digital Marketing Expert

David Bernard was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. His interest in technology and computers began at a very young age. His family tells stories of how they were amazed that when David would receive a new computer type toy, he would take it apart and reassemble it on his, and it would work correctly. David always had an eye for understanding the nuts and bolts of how things work, and if he didn’t know how it worked, he wanted to learn it for himself. 

David Bernard began working professionally in information technology at the young age of 23 years old. He took a position at a private healthcare clinic as an apprentice to the Information Technology Director. Over a year and a half in this position, David was promoted to assistant director, director, and eventually the Chief Information Officer. David traveled all over the United States, setting up new offices and managing others remotely on his own. 

Founder of MainStream Fusion

Mr. Bernard eventually graciously accepted a position at the age of 30 working in digital marketing in addition to managing information technology for a major plastic surgery practice in Brentwood, Tn, and a satellite office in Germantown, Tn. This practice was brand new at the time, and at the end of the first year was earning several million dollars in revenue. During the time at the practice, he worked closely with multimedia vendors, where he began to learn the foundation for digital marketing. He would assist with commercial creation, ad spends, commercial placement, and conversion tracking. This is where David discovered that he really had an interest in the digital marketing world. 

David began to manage the SEO for the practice along with web design, social media ads, and PPC. He eventually became certified as a Google Partner and started independently taking on new clients from a referral. As the independent client list grew, David knew that his heart was owning and operating his own digital marketing agency. 

At this point in his life, David is married to his wife Andrea, and together they create MainStream Fusion Digital Marketing agency. The word of mouth referrals had created enough work for Andrea to begin working full time for Mainstream Fusion as well as a project manager and content creator. David Bernard began advertising MainStream Fusion shortly after moving to Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He wants to continue the same casual, contract-free client model moving forward. David’s vision is to offer services to his clients without them feeling obligated to him regardless of the results that MainStream Fusion provides. MainStream Fusion provides a plethora of services from web design, PPC, SEO, SEM, and social media advertising. 

In his spare time, David enjoys a fine whiskey, cooking, traveling with his wife, and woodworking. He is always continuing his technology certifications, and training as the industry is ever-evolving. He prides himself on the fact that MainStream Fusion offers big town results that won’t break the bank for his clients. MainStream Fusion has grown and is now looking for a larger office to accommodate new employees that will be joining the team. 

Through his agency, David Bernard assists businesses and brands maximize their potential through the use of strategically designed digital marketing placement. 

David’s approach is uniquely different for each of his clients, as is each of their goals and brands. Taking full advantage of web presence, including search engine optimization and social media brand awareness. 

David is proficient in the following digital marketing services- PPC Management, CRM Development, Developing Advanced Sales Funnels, Website Hosting, Remarketing Campaign Strategy, Audience Segmentation, SEO/SEM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Reputation Management